• Prepares and inserts all advertising.
  • Takes calls, carries out inspections.
  • Undertakes credit and personal reference checks.
  • Completes leasing formalities.
  • Collects advance rent and bond.
  • Lodges bond with Bond Administrator.
  • Carries out initial detailed inventory.
  • Handles and actions tenant's complaints and maintenance matters.
  • Issues and follows up lease and termination notices.
  • Carries out quarterly and bond inspections.
  • Attends court dealing with evictions and bad debts.
  • Arranges all types of property and rental insurance.
  • Provides best advice on buying and selling your property.
  • Readily accessible at all times and backed up by a professional Company to serve your best interests.




  • Maintaining your investment property is as important to us as it is to you.




  • We will compile a comprehensive report detailing the inventory and condition of your investment property.
  • The tenant is issued this report at the beginning of tenancy, the tenant than has the opportunity to check this report and then make any amendments if necessary.
  • The report is than lodged with our office within 7 days and retained on file until the conclusion of the tenancy.
  • The Property Condition Report is the basis against which a final inspection is conducted for the release of the bond.




  • Routine inspections are conducted quarterly to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property to satisfactory standards. Routine inspections are detailed and include any recommended maintenance. This allows the owners to budget for repairs and be aware of the state of their property.




  • At commencement of a tenancy an amount equivalent to four weeks’ rent is obtained from the tenant. These monies are lodged with The Bond Administrator and held until the conclusion of tenancy.
  • If permission is granted by the owner for the tenant to keep a pet at the property, a further pet bond may be obtained.
  • If the tenant causes any damage to the property during the tenancy, then the bond, or part of the bond, can be withheld to compensate these damages.




  • The “Residential Tenancy Agreement Schedule” is a standard agreement in West Australia. This is a comprehensive agreement that outlines the tenants and landlords’ obligations, and once it is signed, it is a legal binding contract.








Initial Rent

  • 6 weeks’ rent, consisting of:
  • 1 week in advance.
  • 1 week rent.
  • 4 weeks’ bond.


  • Cannot be varied without 60 days’ notice in writing.
  • Variation not sooner than 6 months from start of contract.




  • 4 weeks is a maximum.
  • Pet bond of $260.
  • Must be placed in our trust account then immediately transferred to the REBA trust.




  • Not less than 7 days’ notice or more than 14 days.
  • 72 hours notice to inspect repairs.
  • Can show new tenants at reasonable notice within 21 days of lease end.
  • Can show new buyers at reasonable notice if house is being sold.




Fixed Term Lease:

  • Usually for 6 months or 1 year.
  • If lease term runs out, goes to Periodical (month to month basis).
  • If property sold, tenant lease still remains with new owner.
  • If tenant leaves before expiry, he is still liable for rent, but if the property re-leased he doesn’t have to continue paying.


Periodic Lease:

  • Month to month lease.
  • Owner must give 60 days to terminate.
  • Tenant only has to give 21 days’ notice to owner to terminate.
  • If house is sold, owner only gives 30 days’ notice.




  • Ordinary Breach : 14 days to rectify.  If serious and not fixed, 7 days termination.
  • Rental Breach: If 7 days over, send breach.  7 days to pay.  If not paid, 7 days termination.




Here are five practical items to consider if you're looking to super-charge your rental income.


investors, are focused on rental yields so often forget that both existing and potential tenants view the properties in a different light.


While owners are concerned about the investment property's financial performance, tenants are concerned about things such as whether or not they would enjoy living in the home.


So how to satisfy both tenants and owners?


Simple. By giving the tenants what they want within reason and owners will be helping themselves out in the process.


The following 5 features should be a part of every property investments. These amenities appeal to peoples' basic human desires – a strong motivating factor when it comes to a boost in the value of rents and the comfort of the property, so it's a win-win situation.


1. Security

The investment property should have proper locks for windows and doors as well as sufficient lighting. A lock-up garage gives a tenant a greater level of comfort as they know they have both storage and a secure place to put their car.


2. Reverse cycle air-conditioning


After a long day in the heat nothing quite says: "I'm home" like walking into a cool, comfortable room. Would you pay more to have this amenity?


3. Dishwasher


In today's modern, busy world, something as simple as a dishwasher will encourage a tenant to choose one property over another – even if the rent is higher. In fact, this feature is often a deal breaker for many people!


4. Lighting


A home with ample lighting is a welcoming home. Tenants will be glad to come home. When possible, provide as much ambient light as possible. A property with dark features, including poor lighting does not appeal to the majority of renters.


5. Privacy


A highly rated feature, privacy for the tenant can be achieved through something as simple as the use of quality blinds and/or curtains.


While these features may seem rather simple – and yes, they are – their emotional appeal will help deliver an increase in the rents and a lot more comfort for the tenant.