DOME specialises in the sale of residential, commercial and industrial real estate.  We also undertake property developments in all of these areas.


We provide free appraisals and a comprehensive auction service that covers sign, coloured brochures, advertising and the services of an experienced auctioneer.


DOME is fully computerised with links into the Land Titles Office and  the Valuer General's Office that can provide you with the latest, most accurate sales data.


In addition, DOME utilises computarised RP Data sales software, as well as the and the marketing websites that provide world-wide internet advertising.           


Our written appraisals not only accurately inform you of the likely true value of your property on today's competitive market, but they also provide you with many of helpful hints about all aspects of real estate to help you understand the process of buying and selling a property.


For example, what is the real difference between chattels and fixtures?   Why is a TV aerial fixed to the roof not a fixture, but a chattel?  Why is a garden shed a fixture, but a greenhouse a chattel?  DOME staff are expert on these matters and, when we're working hard for you, your interests will always be served to the full.


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DOME offers you a number of options to market your property.  All options include a free market appraisal and colour brochures.


  • Sale by Private Treaty
  • Sale by Auction
  • Sale by Tender
  • Sale by Computer Listing Service


DOME services for the above options, as required, include:


  • Advising you on all matters pertaining to your sale such as covenants, caveats, fixtures, chattels, stamp duty, white ant certificates etc.
  • Regular feedback.
  • Experienced negotiating service.
  • Full market research of sales evidence.
  • Internal and external photographic displays for brochures, sign and internet.
  • Completion of Strata Company Disclosure statements on your behalf.
  • All media advertising placed.
  • Arranging for signboards.
  • Records kept of all potential buyers.
  • Qualify prospective purchasers to minimise timewasters.
  • Well-managed Open Home sessions.
  • Use of conjunction agents to enhance selling chances.
  • Initial inspections and final after sales inspections with buyers.
  • Assisting buyers to arrange finance.
  • Accurate completion of paperwork such as Authority to Sell and Offer & Acceptance.
  • Instruction of settlement agencies.
  • Collection of deposit to a trust account.
  • Arranging any extensions to the offer.
  • Coordination of 48 hour clauses.
  • Providing rental service options to any investor buyer.
  • Handover of keys.
  • Final sales liaison to ensure nothing is left outstanding.




To successfully market real estate we look at the following phases:


  • Determining the best way to sell the property.
  • Preparing the property for sale.
  • Advertising and promoting the property.
  • Selling the property.
  • Concluding legal settlement.


Step 1: Determining the Best Way to Sell the Property


Certain properties lend themselves to sale by Private Treaty and Open Homes strategies, while others are most suited to Auction.   Some commercial properties may be best sold under the tender system.  From our wide experience, we should be able to advise you accordingly.


We can provide you with an accurate free market appraisal so you will be confident about the true worth of your property.  Our accuracy is assured as our fully computerised systems allows us to use volumes of sales evidence material provided by the Western Australian Government's Land Titles Office and the Valuer General's Office.


Step 2: Preparing the Property for Sale


Time spent in preparing a property for sale is never wasted.  However, there can be a danger of overcapitalising.  We can advise you about the best way to maximise the appeal of your property without the risk of losing money that cannot be recovered by way of a sale. Other ways of preparing include production of full colour signboards showing the inside and outside of the property as well as full colour brochures. All photographs of your property are taken by our latest hi-tech digital camera.   They are then scanned directly into special photo enhancing software in our computer network to ensure the best quality product possible.


Step 3: Advertising and Promoting the Property for Sale


We can sell by the usual means of Private Treaty and Open Homes.  This is a tried and true method of selling properties and accounts for the vast amount of properties sold in Western Australia.   DOME can also give you the option of marketing your property via the various major internet marketing sites such as Thus your property can be safely marketed to the whole world with pictures showing the inside and outside of the property to the best effect.

Details of the property will also be readily available to all other agents who may have interested buyers.


Naturally, we can also advertise regularly in The West Australian, The Sunday Times and in the local community newspapers.


Step 4: Selling the Property


Sales is a profession.  That's why 20% of the best people may 80% of the sales, day in, day out.  DOME staff do not rely on the property simply selling itself.   We pride ourselves in our skills at using the latest technology to ensure we attract the most potential buyers and display to them the property in its very best light.


Experience counts when it comes to closing sales and assisting any potential purchasers, who may be borderline on finance, obtain the funds to successfully buy your property.


Throughout the sales process we keep our vendors fully appraised of the progress of the sale and will advise them of all the options to take to ensure them of the most satisfactory sales results.  Years of practise and study have made our negotiating skills second to none as we employ these to the full benefit of our vendors.


Step 5: Conducting Legal Settlement


In Western Australia, as opposed to the Eastern States of Australia, the property is sold when the offer and acceptance is signed rather than when the property is actually paid for and settled.  We can advise investors who wish to sell close to the end of the tax year how they can use option contracts to defer the payment of any capital gains tax for a further 12 months.

Our service does not end with the signing of the offer and acceptance.  We diligently follow through with the payment of deposits into trust, the finance and other clauses of the contract and the actual final settlement process.  We are not tied to any particular settlement agency and will therefore be glad to recommend one whose specialisation and services will best meet the needs of our vendor.




Listing, promoting, selling and settling a property is the job for a skilled professional. If you really want to obtain the best price and not have to worry about things going wrong, please call Evonne of Dome.


If you have any questions about any of our services, especially about our free market appraisals please contact us today.